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Enhancing customer experience

LUNA, an acronym for Locational Understanding and Navigation Assistant, is not merely a technological tool; it's a cutting-edge asset intricately designed to streamline operations, disseminate accurate and timely information, and orchestrate personalized customer experiences. Through its advanced understanding and navigation capabilities, LUNA empowers our agents to respond to customer queries with unprecedented precision and promptness, effectively addressing immediate service challenges while laying a robust foundation for sustained business growth and heightened customer satisfaction at stores, restaurants, theme parks and venues.

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Our Features

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Customer service agents

In a marketplace increasingly driven by elevated customer expectations, our customer service agents, enhanced by the innovative LUNA system, are a cornerstone of unparalleled service and efficiency for any business location.


Advanced visual navigation

Our system can guide your customers or visitors to your location via a digital avatar that they see and communicate with through their phone. Through conversation, our agents can asses they customers needs and guide them to any location on your property.


Product or device troubleshooting

LUNA agents can see the real world through a user's phone camera, giving them the ability to show users how to perform tasks, or asses issues with products. In some cases LUNA agents can also be linked to servers that can access devices such as computer hardware or cellular devices to pull error logs and further guide a user through fixing the issues. 


Helping the disabled 

Through conversational prompts, our agents can assist the visually impaired through location. Our agents, with their calm demeanor are also useful in helping persons with social anxiety, autism or dyslexia. 


Our patented software solution XR-EAS (Extended Reality Environmental Awareness System) allows hardware devices such as mobile phones see and understand the real world, allowing us to create AI interactions, Navigation and Entertainment on a whole new level. 


Share any XR experience with up to 8 users (custom implementation for larger user groups available). Share an entertainment experience, play games or experience remote telepresence. Any experience is possible with XR-EAS.

Ongoing Correction

Localization can stray over time due to hardware in each device. Our Multiplayer solution has build in correction to reposition each user automatically to maintain a near perfect experience.

Automatic Localization

XR-EAS's Multiplayer system is an easy to use automatic positioning system that quickly positions all users into your experience without the need for complicated steps or requiring users to stand in specific positions. 

Any Location

Users can share in any experience while in the same location, or can share in an experience using an XR or VR device from any location around the world and be represented by their Avatar in both worlds.

Environmental Awareness

Our system uses computer vision to create a 3D spatial map of a users location along with object and user tags to allow AI to interact and engage in a manner similar to real world beings.


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