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Share any XR experience with up to 8 users (custom implementation for larger user groups available). Share an entertainment experience, play games or experience remote telepresence. Any experience is possible with Meta-Multiplayer.

Ongoing Correction

Localization can stray over time due to hardware in each device. Meta-Multiplayer has build in correction to reposition each user automatically to maintain a near perfect experience.

Automatic Localization

Meta-Multiplayer's easy to use automatic positioning system quickly positions all users into your experience without the need for complicated steps or requiring users to stand in specific positions. User ease of use is a big priority.


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Any Location

Users can share in any experience while in the same location, or can share in an experience using an XR or VR device from any location around the world and be represented by their Avatar in both worlds.

Photon Fusion

Meta-Multiplayer is build on Photon Fusion to allow fast and reliable multi-user experiences both locally and between remote users.


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