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Meta-multiplayer for all

Meta multiplayer will be available to all developers looking to create multiplayer experiences for all XR devices.

Have you ever had your VR and PC friends play with you in your augmented reality world?

Meta-multiplayer from Mohx-games lets VR players, Mobile players (iOS and Android) and AR glasses users all interact in the same experience, while in the same location or from anywhere in the world!

"This is our vision of the metaverse" says Mohx-games founder and COO Eugene Walsh. "A digital world that can be overlaid on your own reality or visited digitally, and where any user, on any device, from any location can join in the experience." "Over the past few months, after gathering feedback from Qualcomm and T-Mobile at the T-Mobile Accelerator event we saw the need to enhance our multiplayer system that we had developed for AR experiences between mobile devices and AR glasses to include VR and PC cross platform capability."

What does this mean for the future of the Metaverse?

"Well, the Metaverse is a vision of a world where fantasy becomes a reality." Says Taylor, Founder and CTO "This could be a world overlaid on your physical reality, or it could be a completely digital world. Either way, as a gaming and entertainment company, we saw that this world needs to have multiple users experiencing the same things, seeing the same things, and interacting with each other in a realistic manner. Which is why we built the system, which is a plugin that we intend to allow any developer to implement into a Unity or Unreal project with minimal extra coding. This will allow any XR experience to be shared between users with VR, PC, Mobile smartphones and AR glasses using Snapdragon spaces platform."

So, what's next? "We will be releasing a fully immersive roleplaying game in March that will allow cross play between any platform and this will draw attention to the metaverse (XR, AR, VR) by bringing users, hopefully a lot of them, that are more mainstream and not just XR advocates like some of us. Anyone can sign up to be notified when we launch, and we will be asking some of them to participate in our beta testing. They can learn more here ("

Welcome to the future of reality. It's closer than most people think.

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