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Multiplayer augmented reality is finally here!

Updated: May 9

Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with the world around us. From gaming to education, AR can enhance our experiences and make them more immersive. However, for AR to truly become mainstream, it must include multi-player functionality.

One of the biggest challenges facing AR is the fact that it is currently a solitary experience. While you can interact with virtual objects, you can't interact with other people in the same virtual space. This limits the potential of AR and makes it less appealing to a wider audience.

Multi-player functionality is necessary for AR to become mainstream because it allows for social interaction within the virtual space. Imagine playing a game of virtual chess with a friend without needing a chess board, a group of friends all talking to a virtual being in the living room or participating in an 8 person wizards duel in the park. These are experiences that are not possible with current AR technology, but with multi-player functionality, they can become a reality.

One of the companies that is leading the way in this field is Mohx-games, which has developed a cross-platform multi-player system that allows multi-player in AR from any device, including iOS and Android phones, as well as AR glasses and mixed reality and VR headsets. This means that users can join in the same virtual space and interact with each other regardless of the device they are using.

Multi-player functionality also opens up new possibilities for commerce. Businesses can use AR to create virtual showrooms or shopping experiences that allow customers to interact with products in real-time with others. This can help to increase sales and create more engaging shopping experiences.

In addition to gaming and commerce, multi-player functionality is also crucial for education. With multi-player AR, students can interact with each other and their teachers in virtual classrooms, allowing for more interactive and engaging learning experiences.

In conclusion, multi-player functionality is a necessary component for AR to become mainstream. Companies like Mohx-games are leading the way in developing cross-platform multi-player systems that allow for social interaction, opens up new possibilities for gaming, commerce, and education, and makes the technology more appealing to a wider audience. As AR technology continues to develop, we can expect to see more emphasis on multi-player functionality in the future.

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