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Our Innovations

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Meta-multiplayer SDK

Meta Multiplayer is a host-based multiplayer solution using the Photon Fusion multiplayer stack. Meta Multiplayer leverages the efficiency and simplicity of Photon Fusion combined with Mohx-Games proprietary positioning solutions to localize both Physical and Remote players on a variety of platforms.


Using Meta Multiplayer will allow your application to communicate with other users of the same application on any supported platform. These include, but are not limited to:


-ARFoundation on handheld AR devices.

-Snapdragon Spaces on supported AR headsets.

-Oculus VR headsets.

-HTC Vive headsets.

-Other XR platforms supporting OpenXR. 

-PC and console platforms.


While Meta Multiplayer is primarily built for XR applications, users from any platform, even ones not included above, can interact with a shared experience while together in the same location or remotely. 

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Content creator

Our content creator backend allows our team to easily integrate user created content into our experiences and games. Our initial use case will be launched in April as "Realm Master" for Soul Summoner: A New Realm. In A New Realm our players will be able to create quests that they can allow others to play in the game. These quests can be location based (shared only with friends) or the quests will progress in the linear order of the story, but the location of events will be randomly generated. Also the these created stories can also be controlled in real time from a PC, VR headset or in person with the group playing the quest, through the Story Teller app. The "Story Teller" can control the action, animate and voice the characters and control enemies. Content creator will be implemented into future applications in a manner that is most fitting to the experience. We feel that users will engage more with our experiences when we allow them to be creators and share their visions with the world. 


In experience advertising for business

A large number of XR experiences, we feel, will be location based, including our first game, Soul Summoner: A New Realm. This is a perfect opportunity of local businesses to use our player base to draw customers to their business and offer deals. We allow businesses to offer deals that are found in game in treasure chests at the same time that players are finding in game treasures. Players can then use these deals in the location or trade them to other players who would like the deal. The deal can then be scanned and tracked at the physical or digital location. This gives analytics on # of users that take the deal and # of users that use the deal, helping with marketing and customer acquisition efforts. Aside from the deals, businesses can also choose to host "mini games" at or near to their location. These games are fun for users and playable only at these locations, once again drawing in more potential customers for the business and giving analytics on how many users played the game vs. how many entered and purchased at the location at that time. 

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EDGE enhancement

Similar to the Meta-multiplayer system, our team is working on the development of an easy to use SDK for ourselves and outside developers to allow for the use of WIFI and 5G networks to support different EDGE case scenarios. We are looking to have this system be showcased in June in our first XR game, Soul Summoner: A New Realm. In A New Realm we look to allow players to experience true to life graphics in cinematic cut scenes and NPC interactions when on a supported 5G or WIFI network. These experiences combined with a multiplayer experience will give a realism to XR that hasn't yet been experienced by the mainstream population. Our goal is to have this help pave the way for mainstream adoption of XR games and experiences. 

We can make your dream a reality!

Are you looking to create a truly groundbreaking XR experience? We would love to hear from you. Let our teams and our technology bring your dream into the new reality. 

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